About Vic's Scratch Kitchen

As the pace of daily life quickens, we know it’s become harder to carve out time to make a meal from scratch to enjoy with those you love. Vic’s Scratch Kitchen was created to provide you and your family with an affordable fresh, nutritious and delicious made from scratch meal you can sit down and enjoy nightly. We want to have a positive impact on the quality and balance of people’s lives by encourage the sit-down family meal tradition, bringing back conversations and personal connections to help cultivate happy healthy families.

The demands placed on families to work full time, run kids around to activities, assist with homework and cook every night can be overwhelming. There is no shame in having to eat out or pick something up for dinner.  However, it can be difficult to find affordable or acceptable nutritious dinner options on those hectic nights

Feel good about providing you and your family with a wholesome and delicious home-style meal all made from scratch daily.  Vic’s Scratch Kitchen offers single and family size, fresh never frozen, prepackaged meals delivered to your home or office.  It’s as simple as setting the table and heating your meal.  With the food preparation out of the way, have fun taking your Vic’s Scratch Kitchen meal to another level by adding your favorite appetizers, toppings or even dessert.


About Our Meals

Local guest Chefs have helped to develop our meals based on familiar comfort food recipes.  Our home-style meals are made from scratch daily using clean simple ingredients without additives or preservatives.  We use fresh ingredients that are sourced from local farmers when possible. We grind the meat, grate the cheese, trim and chop the vegetables, and make our own stocks and sauces.  We incorporate a larger portion of vegetables in our recipes to increase the nutrients and overall health of the meal.  We cook our meals using olive oil and sunflower oil and have done extensive testing to decrease the fat content yet keep the flavor you crave and love. 

We will be seeking your feedback for future meal ideas.  Please feel free to contact us and let us know what you would like on your menu.